Get out of the dark and into the light!

So your new kitchen has been installed. You have the exact colours that you liked, everything is just as you wanted, but WHY is it not looking as good as the same one you saw in the showroom?? This is a common  problem that is often overlooked but is of utmost importance- aesthetically and practically- and that is lighting.

Proper lighting goes a long way in bringing warmth and beauty in any space. Much of the warm, homey atmosphere in your kitchen comes from the way light and shadows fall. Read more to understand how to take care of lighting in your kitchen ….

Since precision tasks like cutting, chopping, cooking etc are carried out in a kitchen, extra care must be taken to light it properly so that there are fewer accidents and you and your food always looks scrumptious! Not all houses have great natural light, so the next best thing is good artificial lighting. There are 4 types of lighting that should be balanced well in the kitchen (and in any other area) :-

Ambient light

This provides the general light in a kitchen.  It is diffused and provides an overall glow. Concealed lights in a false ceiling or general lights with tube lights and CFL’s come under this type of lighting. Instead of going for white light, I suggest using CFL’s in warmlight or daylight to give a warm glow to your kitchen.

Task Lighting

As the name suggests, this is the kind of lighting needed to do tasks like cleaning, cutting, cooking etc. Under cabinet lights come under this category. This is of great importance as generally the ambient light causes shadows and does not light up the workplace well. Make sure to install under cabinet lighting like strip lights and LED’s to minimize accidents and to have a clear view of the counter space.

Other places where this can be installed is the under counter storage area or in a pantry unit with a push button so you don’t have to grope in the dark to find your favourite spice!

Accent Lighting

What’s life without drama? And why should your kitchen not have any! This kind of lighting adds to the drama of the space and in essence lights up the area which you want to display. It really is a shame to put your treasured pieces of kitchenware in the back of your cupboard when they could be sitting pretty on a shelf for all to see! Treat it like a picture frame or a showpiece and light it up with some self lit shelves or spot lights.

Decorative Lighting

Here the electrical fitting itself adds pizzazz to the space. It could be a gorgeous chandelier or eye catching pendants. But this would work only well if it is a large kitchen or an open kitchen. Decorative light usually looks best if hung over an island area or over a dining table.

There are lots of energy saving and cost effective options that are available like LED’s, CFL’s, Solar power lights, Motion sensor lights and others. (All available in a variety of colours) Gone are the days of the simple bulb!

I cannot end this post without talking about electrical sockets! It’s the most annoying thing when you want to make yourself a smoothie and all the plug points are already being used by some other appliance! Be sure to place your sockets in two to three, even four different locations in your kitchen depending on the size. (Also make sure that your meter can take the load! )

Safety first: Since the kitchen is such an appliance hungry zone, be sure to provide 5/15 amp plug points for your refrigerator, oven, microwave,  water filter, rice cooker, chimney, garbage crusher and their designated places and additional electrical sockets for blenders, sandwich grillers, coffee pots, toasters, grinders etc.

Now that you have a simple guide to your kitchen lighting needs; be smart and don’t cook in the dark! So do you have a favourite kitchen lighting upgrade that you would like to share with me? If you do, or have something to say regarding this post – be sure to leave me a comment here and I will get back to you 🙂 

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