How not to worry while on vacation

Keeping your home safe while you soak up the sun is essential so that you can truly leave your worries about your home, at home!


Here is a guide to how to keep your home safe while you are out.

Tip 1- Cancel the newspaper delivery

Outdated newspapers outside your door or in your mailbox tell burglars that there is no one at home. To add to your home’s security, stop your newspaper delivery while you are away.


Tip 2 – Store your valuables in the safe

Add to your home security by hiding valuables from anyone who may be peeking through your windows. This acts as a secondary line of defense once burglars break in.


Tip 3 – Inform a trusted neighbor

You should inform a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your house during your vacation. A trusted neighbor is always the most intelligence to keep your home secure They can call the police depending on the severity of the situation


Tip 4 – Lock all doors and windows

This is obvious, but the most important home security procedure is to lock all doors and windows before you go on vacation. With the home unoccupied for so many days, anything can happen. Also, check if all your locks are functioning correctly. A faulty/broken or ill fitted locks makes a burglar’s job that much easier.


Tip 5 – Keep the Landscape Trimmed

If you’re a diligent homeowner who mows his lawn every week, and things start to look overgrown and neglected, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that you’re not around. If you plan on being away for an extended period of time, hire someone to take care of the landscaping chores in your absence.


Tip 6 – Curtains Closed or Open?

Before you leave for vacation, you may decide to close your curtains to prevent people from peering inside your home to see whether you’re there. However, closed curtains also stop those who aim to help the police, your neighbors or friends from seeing inside your house. So what’s your best bet? Leave your curtains exactly as you usually keep them when you’re home, since noticeable changes could hint that you’re not around anymore — especially if your curtains are uncharacteristically left closed for two weeks. Move expensive items, like jewelry or cash, out of plain sight if they’re visible from the window.


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