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The Beginning

Its been a flurry of activity and an exciting 2 months for us! Our long standing dream of designing and crafting Metal Art and Decor has finally come true!

Presenting our new baby

DesignMint Metal Art and Decor!

Our focus is on making functional metal decor that resonates with our personality. Earth friendly, good lookin’, international style and quality workmanship. Unique art and decor that transforms boring spaces into conversation starters. Stuff that will make your walls jump out while preserving the environment all we can. 🙂

So far, we have had a blast! From making the initial designs to refining them to redoing them to production to post production finishing touches!

Signing off with a few pics of what we’ve been upto!

Designmint Metal Decor




OH! And do check our our website page and too!

Hope you like it and do wish us luck! 🙂



2 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. This is awesome! I like the design and Bangalore needs more designers like you Alifia. Do you have a studio or a space where you exhibit your creations? I’m curious! Thanks and good luck!


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