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Five ways to make unused nooks useful

                 Almost every house has one little corner that is vacant. This boring nook needs some sparkling creativity to make it lively and pleasurable to eyes.  Basically, you need to add that something which will make your beautiful house a sweet home. So how do you add charm to your corner?  Don’t get worked up, its pretty simple. Our experts are happy to help you with that 😀 Ask us HOW?

1. Make it a cozy reading corner :- If you an avid reader, you can use this nook as a reading corner. Build your book shelf, pile up books with the help of space savers that not only look pretty but add essential storage without taking up space and there you go! To make it more comfortable, make use of bean bags or comfortable recliner or sofa. Don’t forget to accompany that with a warm cup of coffee 😀

Artsy Book Shelf!
Find this here!

 2.Art gallery :- If you are up for some DIY, you can paint the wall with vibrant colors like red, or blue depending on your surrounding wall color. Conclude this DIY by hanging multiples of wall art or photo frames. Put some mirchi lights there, I am sure you will be proud of yourself once it’s done.


blog_art gallery


  1. Add storage :- if you are falling short of shortage spaces, this difficult nook proves to be very helpful in that. You can convert them into neat storage place. In this way, you can transform vacant space into useful, functional area.
You can find this on
Find this Here!
  1. Create a work space :- You can use this space as a work space. Find a desk with the perfect disk which can hold all your essentials. Hook in your laptop or let it be for your little one to use this space as a homework space. Having a desk with ample storage will help make the space look neat and tidy. Make sure only essentials are lying on the desk.

Homework Space for your lilttle one


  1. Experimental Approach :- If you’re the kind of person who loves to change things around, keep experimenting with the space. Put a sculptural art piece or frame your favourite vintage prints there or use T-light holders to add that air of romance. You can rearrange it as and when you want, leaving all the freedom in your hands.
Find this on
Find this here


Use this space as an opportunity to wake inner-artist in you! Let us know how well this works for you and share your experiences.

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