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Christmas GIVEAWAY!

Hello Everyone!

I am sure you’ll must be done with Christmas shopping spree, getting your loved ones the things they have always wanted.  At the same time I also hope that you all must have shopped for your pretty pretty home to make it a lot more beautiful and stunning!
Hey you are done with it, right? No? No? You haven’t? You couldn’t figure out what to buy?? Or Got more confused as what décor product comes home this Christmas? Or the one you love was not pocket friendly?

Here comes the designmint at your rescue! We will fix it for you 😀

No, you don’t need to go anywhere to shop . But yeah just few clicks here and there!  You ask us “HOW?” With our SIMPLE GIVEAWAY CONTEST!

The  “happiest time of the year” can be a lot of disappointment if you are not able to score some free giveaways goodies . Don’t worry, we won’t  let any disappointment bring your festive mood down!

Entering  Designmint’s giveaway is oh-so-easy!

All you have to do is follow this easy steps :

  1. Like and share our Facebook page
  2. Follow us on Instagram
  3. Comment or Inbox us your email id on our respective handle.

Oh give product is our bestselling home sweet home key holder 🙂

Home Key Holder2.


Common, don’t be a lazy bum.  You have got all the reason to participate because you stand a bright chance to win this!!

Okay, let me give you the reason why you should have this adorable key holder :

  1. Home will be more organized as there will be no key lying on the table.
  2. You save lots of time as there will be no morning struggle to find your keys. They are beautifully hanging on our key holder
  3. This total charmer is made of metal, recycled metal. It means you won’t give up on you unless you do. Not only this, it make you feel Environmentalist as well.
  4. COMES AT NO COST. Absolutely FREE! FREE! FREEE! No, not even shipping cost.


So what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and PARTICIPATE!

We have extended giveaway contest by 2 days. So now it ends on 27th December!

Yeah, Thank us later!

Merry Christmas,lovelies!


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