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How to select right art for your home?

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New year

I hope you all had kickass start to 2016!

Just when you wind up and put back your christmas and new year home décor into the box, leaving nothing behind but the vacant spaces and empty walls. That’s when you realize it’s not only your house but also you need little tinge of art here and there in your life.

That’s when the question arises “Which piece of art is apt for your house, for you?”

Selecting an art is an exciting process, as its going to be source of an inspiration to you and treat to your eyes whenever you pass by that area.  That piece of art is going to set up mood for upcoming months and hence selecting a correct art piece is of utmost important.

Designmint team is going to make it much simple for you by helping you to select the right artwork for the right place.

Observe this steps every time you choose an artwork  :-

Select the area :- Be very careful while selecting the area. Select the most visible area in your room. Not every vacant wall needs an art work because then it would be like a mess of various art works.  While you are selecting an area make sure neighboring  walls are vacant, its only then your art piece is going be in limelight and shine.

vacant wall

Work  on the color scheme :-  After selecting the area, match your color scheme.  Select the art piece that goes well with the color of the walls and surrounding. If neighboring walls are having vibrant color, some understated metal art will definitely work on them.  If wall posses cool color paint, bright colors like red , green or yellow will make the room more lively.


Exploration : There are many art forms, from traditional artforms like drawings and paintings to most recent ones which are made up of metals, fabrics and glass works. Be open minded and have an experimental approach while selecting art piece for your home.


3D Black Metal boxes by Designmint

Select the art YOU love :-. Before buying an art piece, check out some local art exhibitions, surf on internet and have a look on artwork by various artists. Explore as much as you can. Its only then you will understand your taste for art. It is not necessary that art which you bought should be like and loved by all. But it is definitely important that you should love that art piece and it should brighten your mood every time you see that gorgeous work. That’s when you have it right.

Circle of Life

Circle of life by Designmint


Hang it right:– The whole point of having an art work is to add life to that space. Hence its very necessary to hang it right. It should be not be hung too high or too low. Right in front of your eyes would be perfect. You can also follow art gallery standard, which means the center of the painting should be about 60 inches from the floor.

hang it right

Light it up:- After placing your art work, see if there’s enough light to keep your art piece in limelight. Play little with your existing lights, but make sure it’s not overemphasized. Using proper lights around your art piece will draw attention of lots of visitors.

Bee Hive_ in use.

I hope these steps will help you to select the right artwork for you guys. we love to hear from you, do share your views and thoughts. 

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