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Five ways to deck up your dining space


Hello Lovelies!

Its proving to be a hectic month here at the Designmint Studio and we have been super busy developing our exciting new range (more on that later!) But, today we are going to share some of our ideas on how to decorate your dining space.

Normally in a home, there is one big area, which is divided into a living room and dining room. Visually if you see, the dining area is small yet comfortable area where family comes together to have conversation over tea or dinner. But the idea is changing now, our comfortable corner is now infested with an idiot box. Yes, you got it right. I am referring television here. Now, our family conversations got lesser and lesser over tea and dinner. Hence it becomes necessary to make this tiny area interesting and catchy and throw the idiot box out of there!  We will guide you through the whole concept. Stick with us!

1. Add shelves : If you have a wall vacant enough, add shelves. Having it contrasting with the color of your living room will make this space look even more interesting. This will divide the room into two, viz; living space and dining space. Shelves will make the whole space tidy and organized. Add your favourite dishes, recipe books, pickle jars, family heirlooms and interesting knick knacks. This also means no more rushing back and fro to the kitchen to get dishes and bowls.

2. Wall art :  Another great way of adding interest to this area is to add wall art to it. Keeping in mind that this is a dining area, chose your wall art wisely. A collection of interesting china can be put up here. One of our favourites is our ‘Food for Thought’ by Designmint. This one is not only apt for dinning area but also for classy restaurant or cafe house! This piece does all the talking. Making it very simple and is exactly on point “Food for thought, foodie for life” . It gives the area classy yet decent look. Big thumps up for this one!


3. Proper Lighting: Whole idea is to make the place comfortable and relaxing. Hang a light fixture in the center of the table. Make sure the lights are not jazzy, but extremely comfortable to the eyes. You can also try putting and interesting object inh the center of the table. Here are some ideas.

4. Tea lights and space savers : Space savers are saviors! They have an ability to charm up any area. Best part is, it comes without spending a fortune. They are easily movable and flexible which makes best for having an experimental approach. T-lights add oodles of charm. Dull your lamps, light some diyas or candles in tea light holders. Play some light background music, enjoy your meal with your love one. Seriously, what could you ask more from life? A beautiful romantic setup without devoting much time.

5. Table cover and Chairs: Even minute details are very important when it comes decorating your home. Hence never neglect them. While selecting a table cloth, you can experiment and see which suits the best. Make sure make it is large enough to accommodate the table. Put pretty flowers to add instant charm to your table.

So what you waiting for, decorate your dining area and look forward to fun times with family and friends!

Until next time!

Happy Decorating 🙂



















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