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5 ways to decorate your small space!

Holding back your creative mind because of the small spaces? Say no more, Lovelies! Designmint’s team is back with the ideas on how to make your small space grand without spending a fortune!


Here is the little help with small spaces hacks that will transform your space!

Keeping it Minimal : This is simple yet very important. Minus the furniture which is not useful. Take out stuff which you haven’t used in over six months and just give it away! This will give you more space and area to play with while decorating. Don’t over stuff the space with things you rarely use, this will make space for the useful things. Keeping it organised and neat will make the area more charming.


Use the walls : Since we don’t want our little happy space to look like a mess, we are cutting on furniture and big artworks. But we can always use the walls. Make most of the space savers, there’s a reason they are called space savers, right? They are multi purpose in use. Plus they free up your precious floor space while adding character to otherwise unused walls!

Green Frisco Space Saver1.treeimg_2812

Designmint Products!

Make it vibrant :”Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions. – Pablo Picasso”  Study the amount of sunlight entering your space and carefully paint a section of the space that will add character without making the space look cramped. Patterns are a great way to make a small space pop. Use it behind a plain shelf or in a little nook. Other things you can do is hang a beautiful picture, or add a book shelf, put up a space saver and add on some flowers. Add bold wallpaper, it will give your space a different look.


Use Rugs to divide the space : Make use of rugs to divide the space. Add floral pattern rugs in the living space. It will leave an impression on your visitors. Rugs are also a great way to add some warmth and cosiness. If you have a shared living and dining space, a run can visually demarcate your space without adding walls and retaining spaciousness.



Add long curtains or a add shelf : Use long curtains for your windows. This is a great visual trick that adds drama to your space and visually elongates the room, making a small space look larger.Good curtains make a space look plush and expensive without breaking the bank. If you have a low window, a shelf above it is just the thing you need to keep your books or curios.

A funky decorative shelf is a great way to combine art and make it functional. This shelf can be used to keep your stuff organized and handy.You can also paint the shelf in bright colour to add zing!


Find this creative book shelf here!

I hope we were able to hit your creative nerve 😉

Try some of these and tell us which one you found the best!

Keep Rocking!

-Team Designmint!




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