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How to decorate a rented space

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Most of us in our 20’s and 30’s live in rented spaces. And its always a challenge to decorate as there are only THAT many changes we can make to the space. Also, cost and re-usability always becomes a factor for further moves that take place. So, in today’s blog post we are going to talk about how to decorate a rental place.

In today’s time where Real Estate rates are rising day by day, residing in rental place has its own advantages. In a way it teaches us to embrace the changes. It gives so much of freedom, freedom to experiment, freedom to move out and set up yet another place as our HOME! It maybe a little emotional ride as well. The question  here is how to make a new house our home? Home with the same feeling as the previous place?

At such times, home décor plays an important role. But then how do you decorate a place where you a not allowed to put a nail in the wall?


There are many alternate ways to decorate a room in a very pocket friendly manner and best part is you can pass it to your new home as well.

While decorating keep this in your mind, it can be little difficult to decorate the space which is temporary, hence invest wisely. Invest in versatile pieces which YOU want to use for a really long period.

Make sure there’s enough of lighting. Its great if you have natural sunlight coming in through windows. Couldn’t get any better. But if not,create a source of lighting. Ditch investing in new lighting. Upgrade the existing ones, repaint them. You can also make use of some tealights. As they give neat look to your space.

Another way to add life to your  place, is by decorating  your wall. Let it be anyway, just don’t keep it vacant. Add life to it by putting up pictures from your collection, draw some patterns from colourful tapes. But a unique wall art. Make sure its strong and durable artwork, as its going to move out with you to your next.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Buy them at  Designmint

Don’t invest in painting your walls, unless you really really really want to do it. As it is you’re going to reside here temporary and painting isn’t cheap either. Buy a large  canvas board instead. Use whatever color you want. Add a big dose of colors to your space. This works as great therapy too and  it being inexpensive is bonus 😉

table pieces


Another great way is to add more table art pieces and space savers. They are tiny yet very attractive. Multiple use and durable product are the advantages!

All of these are  available at Designmint




To give your room a little artistic look, divide the space by using rugs.This will not only divide the space but also improvise the way flooring looks.


Another great way to make your space more beautiful is to add wall shelves. Let this be books shelf , or shoe shelf or just to keep clothes. Adding parallel shelves to make it look more organized. You can also design these shelves vertically and cover it with curtains.

2015-11-02 15.29.28
Frisco space savers from


If you’re not running out of space, invest in metal art which is not only sustainable but also multi use. This metal art will be your companion and switch as many houses as you do. Investing in metal work is also a good idea!

Sharing few art pieces by Designmint. Have a look 😀


Hope you great time reading this blog!

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Till then Keep Decorating!  ❤

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