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How it all began

Hello People!

We all love to buy to décor products which beautify our home. After bringing it home, and getting the attention they deserve for a day or two, what comes next will make you regret your decision of investing in them and not making most out of it. 

Its saddening to know that after a while they just sit idly like any other furniture with dust settle on them. I mean this is not why we bought them home, right? Then, make a mental note to yourself and think twice before buying art or decor for your home.

As most of the decor products are delicate,  consider these questions before you decide to buy them.  Like, is this product durable and long lasting? Will it be broken into pieces if it faces the great fall? Can this product be multi-use and be more than just a decorative piece?

To find a products which has affirmative answers to these question can be a task. This is why Designmint was was born 😉


Come let’s meet Designmint as a brand and as a one stop solution for all our decor needs.

Designmint is brainchild of a mother-daughter duo,  Shireen Shabbir and Alifia Shabbir! Both of them share a common love for design and art which lead to the birth of decor brand, Designmint! Just like it’s the rarest of the combination of founders, so are their products.

Designmint creates unique concept and multi purpose products which not only adds charm to your house but are also proven to be strong and durable. They are manufactured in recyclable materials like metal and also by using metal that would have otherwise seen the scrap heap! All the manufacturing is done at their very own factory in Bommasandra, Bangalore

Designmint has wide category of products, like Wall Art, T-Lights, Space savers and Hotel decor. Key material used in manufacturing products is Steel. Which is why Designmint assures that all the products are long lasting and sustainable, yet very attractive and decorative in itself.

Co-founder Alifia creates cool stuff with great design and loves to undertake projects and custom work. She is quite known for adding life to a dull wall let it be an office wall or dining hall or a balcony.

Shireen has a great eye for detail and her valuable experiece as an artist is what makes Designmint products truly unique!

Some you can catch glimpse of their work below.

Designmint’s products are well known for its durability and longevity. Not only that but they are multi-purpose in use.

2nd inidan furnishing.

Okay, lets us imagine a book shelf. What we will see is a horizontal self or two shelves running parallel. At Designmint, a book shelf means  3D rectangles or a cool Frisco shelf. Cool isn’t it!? So get your fix of all these unique products on

We hope you love our design and work as much as we do! Your love and support keeps us motivated and helps us grow.

Inspiring creative spaces

By Team Designmint ❤





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