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Choosing the right accent decor

Hello Lovelies!

In today’s blog post, we are  going to talk about some unique hacks which will help you to liven up your space with very  minimal effort.

When you see two designers talking about decorating homes and choosing  artworks which reflect your personality or  uses words like  “vintage”  “antique” “sophisticated” or “luxurious”,  I’m pretty sure it may sound as if it’s really rocket science.

But in reality if you see, decorating your home or your wall is really really fun! It works like therapy for many, as it changes your surroundings.  It unleashes your creativity!

While making these changes and bringing reform, make sure you began small, take baby steps. Understanding of your taste is of utmost importance. Start with designing your work desk, or your table. You can also began with a corner wall. Put a wall hanging there, or hang your favorite picture. Feel the freedom and make sure you make most out of the space available.

When you go artwork shopping, keep in mind you don’t really need to buy expensive chunks to make your space beautiful. Consider the durability and uses. Always look for pieces that you can use in more than one way. That way, when you get bored of a look, you could always mix it up and breathe fresh life into it!

Also, never underestimate the wonders that small metal art and decor makes. Metal works like Tealight holders, space savers, they are small but elegant and charming.

Tealights holders are used to hold  small candles  for lighting up small areas, especially used to make romantic arrangements in restaurants and also in spas to make surrounding a bit more smooth and relaxing.

Hanging them on the wall is the coolest idea. Best walls can be of your bedroom wall, or of your dining space. As they tea light holder comes in  various shapes and size, you can also use them as you want.

                          This elegant mini tea lights finished in dusty gold is perfect for festivities or to turn a    blackout into a romantic setting .This tea lights can be placed on your table top or hung on your wall in singles or multiples 

You can also use them in parties or when there are  get together. Apart from the being tea light holder, they can also work as wall art.

During the day, it serves as a stunning art piece and at night its 8 tea lights  glimmer softly and adds a soft glow to your surroundings. 

Alternatively, you can buy some spacers and or small box units and use them as tea light holder once a while. They meet the criteria of multi-purpose and are very flexible in use. Moreover you can also use some space savers, to highlight unused nooks and corners.

                           Functional decor at its best, this shelf looks pretty with flowers or candles. Sturdy construction and virtually indestructible.

Designmint,  recently got mentioned in Eazelly and homify, for its innovative designs and unique products.

We hope we were able to hit the creative nerve and inspired you to try some these.


Team Designmint.

















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