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Inexpensive Decor Hacks!

Hello Lovelies!

Hope you all are doing well! 🙂 Apologies for the disappearing for so long, we were caught up with some very interesting custom made projects. Have a look at our in-progress work. Can’t wait to show you guys complete work.


With festive season around the corner, how about surprising your family and friends by revamping your beautiful home? Without digging in your pocket much? Sounds exciting and so are we to share all the cheap thrills of decor with you.

Everything under 1499/- Yes, You read it right! 

Let us start with some DIY Projects.


Aren’t these bottles WOW? Making them is so simple and totally a fun job. All you need to make such beautiful bottles holders are Bottles, Colorful Gems and Acrylic colors and glue of course. You need to have clear idea in your mind before you start, so that you don’t get stuck in between. You can also combine two or more design patterns and make your own mast piece. You can use them just as a show piece or you can team them up with flowers to give it a refreshing look of flower vase. You can also put in mirchi lights via open part of the bottle and lit them up during night to make an amazing lamp out of them. You can use these bottles both vertically and horizontally . They are going to steal lots of attention! Do it with your family and friends as it’s quite a fun job.

Lettering, Lettering Lettering! This one is for all the people who love are in love with words and letters. To make cool colourful frames, all you require is colourful hard cardboard papers, pen/marker, ruler for measurements and glue to stick the edges. And you Favorite Quote! You can pen down your favorite quotes or get it print, insert it into these frames and its good to hang it up there!  You can also draw letters and cut them in shape. Arrange them in order like displayed above.

Beautiful Book shelves is always a Yes! But what if you don’t have big space to hang up a book shelf? Or you have small corner and you want it to be converted into your reading area? We have got answers to all your questions! ( Answer lies within 1500/- and with Designmint). In a way if you see, you will be partially DIYing with Designmint products, as we offer great functionality with our products.  Have a look at how in multiple ways you can use our space savers and holders! and yes, its under 1499/-

Each of these products come under Rs 1499/- You can change its functionality as per your requirement. A space saver can hold on to your grandmothers cute little decor, your favorite novels or can be your tealight holder to add more charm to your romantic dinner date! Not only this, but you can totally relay on them for long as they are of long-lasting nature.

While you make an investment in these products, you are not only making an economical choice but also contributing your bit to save our nature. As Designmint uses upcycled-metal to create these beautiful pieces of metalart in most eco-friendly manner. After all, its Our ‘MOTHER EARTH’! To keep her safe is our utmost responsibility 🙂

To buy our porducts please visit :

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Keep Designing! ❤

Team Designmint.


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