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Elegant and Glamourous-Conversations with Kriya Living

To kick off our series, we begin with an amazing Interior Designer, a good friend with a fantastic eye for detail and the creative head  Mamta D’couto who is the co-founder Kriya Living.


Team Designmint : We would love to know a little about your self and your work or a favourite project

Mamta :  Hi this is Mamta D’couto, an Interior Designer with a diploma from JSID in Bangalore. At the age of 16/18 while all myfriends were busy wondering what career path to take I knew I wanted to be a designer. My Love for design & all things fine led me to study design professionally from JSID. After interning with an Architect I was ready to start my own firm , tht’s when I co-founded KRIYA LIVNG with my then friend now husband Richard D’couto. 
Team Designmint : Which has been your favorite project till date?
Mamta A lot of our projects are close to my heart, especially with great clients. But we did this Builder’s House in Sanjaynagar. They were great clients giving us all the design freedom the space required. We did a lot of experimentation with design, with materials with fabrics, and the space has come out beautifully.
Team Designmint : What is your design style?
Mamta : My personal style is elegant & contemporary with a glamorous edge. I like to experiment with materials & designs combining a few elements from different design styles. Client Delight is the most important to me and my firm. We make sure at the end of the project our clients are very happy with us, be it design or execution. My team goes the extra mile to make sure of that. And I’m very happy that I’ve instilled that in them.
Team Designmint : What is your design inspiration?
Mamta : As a designer I try to elevate my client’s lifestyle through my designs making sure their home speaks of their character. I draw inspiration from their personality and try to bring that in while creating their space.
Team Designmint : What do you think of Designmint’s products and custom work?
Mamta : While Designing Shireen & Shabbir’s home we saw Designmint take its very first steps. We absolutely love Designmint’s work and have used their products in our projects. I love the way they reuse metal in a way that is a pleasure the receive the end product. Designmint is always willing to experiment with materials and make anything we ask them no matter how crazy the requirement.
The products we have used in our spaces are elegant and one of a kind i love that about the products. All the products have a designer’s touch to it.
Adding to their existing products they have also custom designed light fixtures and other products for us which the clients simply love.
We wish Designmint great success!!

We made a custom Saxophone light for Kriya Living and the Oblique Shelf among other designs 

We wish you lots of luck and success Mamta. Keep doing the great work you’re doing and spread the light.

To see more of their work do hop over to their Facebook page here

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog 🙂 Do let us know what you would like to hear from these creative designers in the comments below!

Till then, we wish you happy decor dreams 🙂

-Team Designmint


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