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Unconventional Ways and Happy Days!

Hello, Lovelies!

So good to see you’ll again. Its been a while since we updated ‘ye old blog! So this is going to be all about Designmint and catching up! 2017 has been a joyful ride. We have expanded our horizons so much. Apart from seeing us online or at our cute little studio we now have other super cool home interiors stores in Bangalore that stock our products (more on them later). We are working on expanding our reach, so if you know a cool store that we should be in, do give us a shoutout!


Apart from these, we have been busy worker bees working a lot on customised projects. From custom signages for a new homes to making the cutest little motorbikes that have made the most ideal gift for men.  We have also been making creative partitions for offices, funny washroom signs, custom lights, cool bookshelves and more! While undertaking these projects, we realised that it’s not only the decor that is going to lift up the spirit of the house but also the thought behind it. We generally tend to buy decor which is pleasing to the eyes, but it is less likely that people have a “story” or a thought behind it. It is very necessary to relate to your decor and the style which follows. They not only beautify your place but also define “YOU- The OWNER”.

Choosing the right piece that marries functionality with aesthetics is always a challenge. Surely it’s a nerve-wracking process but fun. A great tip to follow while decorating your home is to try and look for unconventional ways to use the same piece. Something different than what is displayed by the seller. Play with variations, mix match, define it in a new way completely. Below is our 3D rectangles by Designmint which we keep experimenting on all the time. The results are always astonishing.


Look around your home today and see in how many ways can you use your existing decor? In what ways can you redo them and how can you add more functionality. If the answer is positive, awesome. Go ahead and define it. If not, no worries. Next time you make a  purchase, think about it.

Start Experimenting!


Designmint ❤

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