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A special gift for a special one

Hello guys,

We would begin this blog by playing a little game here! So this one is very special to us. I am sure as you dig in further, you find this one close to your heart too.

So this is a person who plays multiple roles each day. Some days she’s a friend, some days a teacher. Some days she is our chatterbox and some days she’s a shoulder to cry on. This person is also our Aladdin’s Genie. This person knows a direct way to our heart and stomach. 😉  Not only this but also our personal all season sunshine.

A person who makes sure we not only excel in academics but life. Someone who strives hard each day to make us a better human on this earth. A living classroom and our guide in each stage in life. Someone who believes in our dream and aspiration even before us. Someone who looks after us even when we are miles apart. Someone who makes a house a home. I am sure you know who are we talking about.

Mother. माँ  आई.    ತಾಯಿ  માતા  ਮਾਂ

Different languages, different culture, different religion, different beliefs, but same personality and same roles. SAME LOVE. No matter how many days we celebrate, no matter how much we pamper them, we are never going to be able to pay them back.

This Mother’s Day, Designmint is going to help you to make her feel special. Help you to find something which matches her personality and multitasking abilities. Gift her something which reflects her tenderness but also the strength which lies within her. Something which reflects her concern towards you and every other child. Something as thoughtful as her.


Designmint- founded by Mother-Daughter Duo. As rare is this combination of the founders, so are our products. The core thought behind every product we manufacture, is the functionality of the product. We don’t want our products to sit just on your walls but also on your desk.  We design them in a way which fits all sorts of lifestyles.  We want them to be present in all stages of your life. Just as your Mother is your first best friend, Designmint is your home’s best friend. Present right from the start until its very end. Long lasting and durable- Come what may!

Visit to find that something special. Or drop in a line at so that we can custom make and make this day a memory for a lifetime.

Wish you and every Mother a Happy Mother’s Day!



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