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Custom Art – Turn your ideas into reality

Hello Folks! Hope you enjoy reading our blogs! A piece of artwork is more than just a normal painting on a wall or a perfectly positioned sculpture in one corner of your living room. Often art is considered as an afterthought for any project when it comes to interior decor. We generally tend to go… Continue reading Custom Art – Turn your ideas into reality

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Inexpensive Decor Hacks!

Hello Lovelies! Hope you all are doing well! 🙂 Apologies for the disappearing for so long, we were caught up with some very interesting custom made projects. Have a look at our in-progress work. Can’t wait to show you guys complete work. With festive season around the corner, how about surprising your family and friends by… Continue reading Inexpensive Decor Hacks!

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Work Space Decor

Hello People!

Hope you enjoyed reading our last article on Minimal Decor .

Work occupies so much of our lives! Most times, we spend more time at work than at home! So it only makes sense to make our work space a happy place to be in! So lets get into our blog on how to brighten up your work space!

In today’s time when everything good begins with good vibes and positive surrounding, it’s certainly necessary that your office, studio, cubical or your home office should not stay back. Don’t initiate any steps towards work space decor with the only motive that it should be appealing to eyeballs.

Your cubical or your desk or any place where you regularly work from is your work space, that space should be able to inspire you, motivate you towards achieving your goal, it should be able to lift your spirits, it should be reflection of your philosophy and ambitions.

Decor can be for any form. It can be wall branding, wall filled with inspiration quotes, it can be filled with speech blurbs, sketch of your city or just illustrations. Just spruce up your little place!

So here are some hints which will help you to trim your office space!

Attractive Entrance : Well this might be your first impression. How about having a stylish name plate out in the entrance?

Catchy Quotes Frames: This one is for all people who fall in love with words every time. Let words always be there around you to motivate and guide you through. To make this more interesting and catchy translate them in your favorite language and hang them forever 🙂

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Cool Canteen : Canteen is only place in your office campus where your employees don’t mind visiting over and over again. Probably it might be most loved area for your foodie employees. Why not have some decor which reflects their love for food?  Hang up there our very own Food for Thought wall art. It may be plain wall art or it can be mugs and jar holder.

Garden space : This one is the best. With so many reforms in gardening accessories, it’s now possible to have your little garden space almost anywhere. You can have vertical garden, which is much trendy amongst corporate office or you can have colorful planters in your balcony. Gardening area is quite popular in creative agency and other studios Having small garden space will meet your daily dose of fresh air, making work environment calm and relaxing. Of course beautiful flowers and its fragrance will be bonus!

BeFunky Collage.jpg

If you are not incharge of major decor decisions at your work place, you can make small moves towards your cubical or desk. Pick up some classy file holders/ magazine holders to keep your desk neat. Hang up some artsy book shelf or multipurpose shelf to create maximum impact.


We hope you all enjoyed this blog post as much as we did while penning it down! Do let us know if you  have any decor queries. We are just a mail away!

Happy Monsoons and Keep it classy.

Team Designmint.

















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Choosing the right accent decor

Hello Lovelies! In today’s blog post, we are  going to talk about some unique hacks which will help you to liven up your space with very  minimal effort. When you see two designers talking about decorating homes and choosing  artworks which reflect your personality or  uses words like  “vintage”  “antique” “sophisticated” or “luxurious”,  I’m pretty… Continue reading Choosing the right accent decor