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Five tips to make balconies beautiful

Hello Everyone!

Ever wondered what to do with a small little uncharacteristic balcony? Or how you can transform it into a haven you would love to retreat to? Well, never fear, when the happy helpers at designmint are here to assist you with our blog post, “How to make most of outdoor spaces?”. You may not be blessed with a huge balcony but that’s not to say you can’t be creative with what you do have. A little creativity here and voila! watch the space trasform into a nook for reading, relaxing,  growing edibles, using easy-care, low-water plants. Its no rocket science!

It’s very difficult to find a vacant land in cities to plant your own garden. Hence, make most of the balcony and plant your little garden there. Let it be your spot of happiness and relaxation. Enjoy the sight with a cup of warm tea or watch it pour on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

It’s hard enough to plan a garden on your own, let alone plan one on a budget. These 5 tips will help you add charm and beauty to your balcony and turn it into thriving garden.

  1. Add planter boxes on your railings:Black Garden Flower Fox1

Go here to get this lovely piece for your balcony! Designmint

This planter box, also known as garden box, helps you expand your space by using the area outside your balcony railing. Sturdy and strong. they are little different from the clay pots. They are best to grow some showy plant, herbs and flowers and convenient when it comes to gardening in low space area. You can always bring them indoor to plant some house plants.

2. Use wall space by adding space saving shelves:

Space savers by Designmint

To make most of the space, its best to use space saver. Not only they fit in less space but they also add their own charm without making the place look contested. They are best to use both, indoor and outdoor. Team them up with some beautiful flowering plants or house plants and they are good to jazz up an unused wall. It will make the space look more artistic and pleasing.

3.  Add a vertical garden :

 SKy wall festure

Custom made by Designmint

Those living in urban places, are already running short on space. But that is no reason not to have some greenery in your life! For cramped spaces, a vertical garden is just the thing for you. It greatly maximises the space available. Vertical gardens are now the rage in  offices and other commercial spaces. Now its time to get it home too! They are low on maintenance. You can design your vertical garden and customize according the size of the wall.  Wide variety of flowers can be plant here, on each shelve. Once you are done with it, it will leave the space with lots of fragnance and vibrant colours.

4.  Make way for your little space :


Innovative shelving to decorate your walls! by Designmint

Balcony are the best part of the home as they are the source of fresh air and sky full of stars. Make most of the balcony and keep on experimenting. Plant some flowers, get a rocking chair and grab some coffee. Life is good 🙂

5. Add a small fountain :


We all love the sound of waves,then why not to bring it to your home? No, not the waves, but the sound of water. How about installing a small fountain in your balcony? The sound of water is very soothing among all the plants that you have added.

We love to hear from you and know your experiences.

Let us know your ideas on how to make most of your balcony!

Happy Gardening!


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